Welcome to The Premium Quality Bark Mulch in Vancouver

Come and Visit West Coast Bark Products Inc. in Burnaby or Call (604) 522-7707 for the Premium Quality Bark Mulch!
  • We Produce Premium Quality, Industry Standard Bark Mulch:

    • 100% Douglas Fir Bark Mulch.
    • Produced daily – always fresh.
    • ½" and 1" screened material.
    • Retains color over long periods of time.
    • 3” Bark Mulch.
  • We Also Sell:

    • Top Soil
    • Soil Amender
    • Aged Bark mulch

  • Bark Mulch is an environmentally friendly way to control weeds and promote plant growth in your garden.
  • Bark Mulch helps retain moisture in your garden, conserving your water consumption and keeping your plants healthy during the dry summer months.
  • Bark Mulch will moderate your soil temperature and reduce soil erosion during the winter months.
  • Bark Mulch will give your property a clean, finished West Coast look.

Our Customers
  • Homeowners
  • Landscapers
  • Soil Producers
  • Municipalities
  • Strata Complexes
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