Bark Mulch Wholesale

We sell 100% Douglas Fir bark Mulch, produced daily.

Benefits of using Douglas Fir Bark Mulch:

  • Bark Mulch is an environmentally friendly way to control weeds and promote plant growth in your garden.
  • Douglas Fir Bark Mulch is pH neutral and won’t harm your plants or trees.
  • As the Bark Mulch decomposes, it adds much needed organic material to the soil.

  • Bark Mulch helps retain moisture in your garden, conserving your water consumption and keeping plants healthy in the summer.
  • Bark Mulch moderates the soil temperature and reduces soil erosion during the winter.
  • Bark Mulch will give your property a clean, finished West Coast look
  • Douglas Fir bark mulch keeps its colour longer than other mulches

West Coast Bark Products has three different grades of Douglas Fir Bark Mulch:Bark Mulch (1″ minus) – our most popular product is ideal for any home or business landscape.

Growers Bark Mulch (1/2″ minus) – this mulch is much finer than our regular mulch.  It will provide many of the same benefits as regular mulch and can be mixed into planting soil.
Trail Mix (3″ minus) – this courser mulch is perfect for trails and for dog runs.